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The Meaning of Money in a Purpose-Full Business

When you switch on a light, why do you do it? Is it to turn the light-bulb on? Or is it to make the electricity flow? It could be argued that you switch on the light switch in order to … Continue reading

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On Desires, Deathbeds and Deeds

Now Rules! Instant communications, view-on-demand satellite television, three-minute pasta, real-time financial statistics, always connected mobile phones, feed me, feed me, feed me….. It is ironic, bizarre and sad that none of this ‘in the moment’ living either requires us, or … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Ownership

“Having things” in the modern world is one of the primary ways that society measures whether we are successful or not. The more, bigger – or smaller sometimes -, louder, fancier, high-tech, brighter, more rare the things that we own, … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Coach For

I’m fairly new to the professional coaching discipline, although I’ve facilitated multi-stakeholder processes in my career as a scientist in the mining industry. What has struck me about most of the advertising I see regarding coaching is that it’s all … Continue reading

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