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Ruinous Repair

A consideration of the path to self-awareness, and the Love one discovers within….. My impatience to share my understanding paralyses me. The intensity and depth of the Love that explodes within me with every breath, every nerves’ tingle, demands to be … Continue reading

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Conversations with Life

 Walking through the dappled breeze between the saplings, my path reveals a rock. It stands out from the grit and fine dust beneath my feet, obviously wanting to be noticed. I pause, the interlude a welcome respite from the salty … Continue reading

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The Vulnerabilty and Power of Naked Conversations

Why does the thought of nudity appeal so much? Obviously, if you’re naked, I might be able to have sex with you. That’s a fairly stable evolutionary poke in the midbrain that isn’t likely to die out anytime soon. Nudity … Continue reading

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