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Saving Champagne: 365ideas4change Number 38

I’m no linguist, but I know that the root of the word ‘courage’ is ‘coeur’ which is French for ‘heart’. Apparently Latin plays a role here too – ‘cor’, also meaning heart. So the heart lies, um, at the heart … Continue reading

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The Alternative: 365ideas4change Number 37

Love speaks the truth when the world is lying Perceiving the truth is one of the greatest gifts of Love. Reflecting this truth back into a world mired in untruth requires a depth of certainty rooted in Love. Beliefs, perceptions, … Continue reading

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Disrupting Reality: 365ideas4change Number 36

I have had two amazing conversations today with two equally amazing women. In one conversation we talked about ethics and care as a model for business processes. In the other, we talked about legacy, authenticity and leadership. These two women … Continue reading

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The Empty Vessel: 365ideas4change Number 35

I committed to post something every day for a year. Today, no insights, no thoughts worth sharing, no sparks. Nothing. Just an empty vessel, through which another idea might flow. Tomorrow. Perhaps “the idea” is not to resist our reality.

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Load Shedding: 365ideas4change Number 34

In South Africa, load shedding – where the electricity utility Eskom, cuts power to a multitude of areas regularly – has become the norm. Fingers are pointed, blame is laid at the feet of many, from the previous government to … Continue reading

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Science and Spirit: 365ideas4change Number 33

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his … Continue reading

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First Things First: 365ideas4change Number 32

I have lectured more this year than ever before. Over 140 students. Over 140 perspectives. It has confirmed the reason for the old cliché: if you want to learn, teach.  

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