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Ripples: 365ideas4change Number 63

Without getting schmaltzy, or wearing rose coloured glasses, today’s insight is based on an experience I had. Simply, never underestimate the reach and potential impact of a tiny positive affirmation of someone else.  

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Musical Chairs: 365ideas4change number 62

I’m busy with a research proposal that deals extensively with values and ethics. I’ve also been in discussions recently that involved aspects of having to employ one’s judgement. Which got me thinking about the difference between judgement, and being judgemental. … Continue reading

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Relative Beauty: 365ideas4change Number 61

Love sees beauty where the world sees ugly A cruel bumper sticker says that “Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes all the way through”. In reality, ugly is superficial. Judging a book by its cover is easier than reading … Continue reading

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Street Smarts: 365ideas4change Number 60

Any street corner in Johannesburg has at least one, usually more, street beggars. They often hold hand-written cardboard messages, pleading their plight. Seen on the corner of Main Street and Republic Road this afternoon, in Koki pen, on a torn and … Continue reading

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The 15-Generation Board: 365ideas4change Number 59

The other day I was the facilitator for a group of directors discussing the issue of “inclusivity”. The conversation touched not unsurprisingly on how, when and how much to engage with stakeholders. The discussions also put sustainability issues at the heart … Continue reading

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Time Travel: 365ideas4change Number 58

I just signed up for a Webinar that is happening on Wednesday 26 August at 20h00 Central American Time. For me, that’s Thursday 27 August at 03h00! A friend of mine is currently in Australia, 9 hours “ahead of” South … Continue reading

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Perfect Progress: 365ideas4change Number 57

Don’t let perfection assassinate progress.

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