Time Travel: 365ideas4change Number 58

I just signed up for a Webinar that is happening on Wednesday 26 August at 20h00 Central American Time. For me, that’s Thursday 27 August at 03h00!

A friend of mine is currently in Australia, 9 hours “ahead of” South Africa.

I’m travelling to Canada later this year (9 hours “behind”) and hopefully, Texas next year (7 hours “behind”).

Although its not really time travel in the classical science fiction “Back to the Future” sense, this relativity got me thinking about the futility of fretting over what has already happened, and what might be coming down the pike. I cannot undo what I’ve done, no matter to what time zone I travel. Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen, whether its midnight, or midday. I’m not suggesting we don’t plan, take care, apologise, make amends. I do think though that we spend far too much energy and (dare I say it – Time!), on things we can neither change, nor anticipate.

Save time, be present!

About Julie Courtnage

With training in environmental science, I facilitate 'naked conversations' about sustainable wellbeing. Using facilitation techniques, systems thinking, art, music, writing, movement and photography, we explore the active creation of our uniqueness - personal and collective, as individuals, organisations and society - and our relationships with others, with sustainable wellbeing, and with genuine happiness. This journey of creation is a journey of Love. And fun.
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