Street Smarts: 365ideas4change Number 60

Any street corner in Johannesburg has at least one, usually more, street beggars. They often hold hand-written cardboard messages, pleading their plight.

Seen on the corner of Main Street and Republic Road this afternoon, in Koki pen, on a torn and ragged piece of brown cardboard, the former side of a packing box resting against the traffic light pole, writ large:

Smile, and you will make some friends. Frown, and you will make some wrinkles.


About Julie Courtnage

With training in environmental science, I facilitate 'naked conversations' about sustainable wellbeing. Using facilitation techniques, systems thinking, art, music, writing, movement and photography, we explore the active creation of our uniqueness - personal and collective, as individuals, organisations and society - and our relationships with others, with sustainable wellbeing, and with genuine happiness. This journey of creation is a journey of Love. And fun.
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