An Adventure of Pilgrims: 365ideas4change Number 73

Adventure.  A word we typically reserve for climbing Kilimanjaro. Travelling to the Amazon rainforests. Hiking a thousand kilometres across barren landscapes. These are all indubitably adventures, but I think we run the risk of focussing on the big scary adventures at the cost of the little scary adventures.

An adventure can be defined as an unusual or exciting experience or action. I took two decisions today to pursue two different but interlinked little scary adventures. One is business-related. One is personal. I’ve never done either. Both will affect my future. I’m astounded at what it took of me to make these decisions. People would probably laugh if they knew: my little adventures are terribly, terribly safe when compared to an Amazonian drag-race down a steaming river with nothing but a spear and a camera. But my little adventures are my little river course, and I’m going to help dig the direction of that wee tributary. Which may become a thundering waterfall of tumultuous energy and opportunity. Or not. I’ll never know until I try.

If everyone found a little personal adventure, even a fledgling adventure, perhaps a baby adventure, who knows into what community of adventurous pilgrims those babies might mature. Or where their journey might lead.



About Julie Courtnage

With training in environmental science, I facilitate 'naked conversations' about sustainable wellbeing. Using facilitation techniques, systems thinking, art, music, writing, movement and photography, we explore the active creation of our uniqueness - personal and collective, as individuals, organisations and society - and our relationships with others, with sustainable wellbeing, and with genuine happiness. This journey of creation is a journey of Love. And fun.
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