Speaking My Truth

I gladly share my perspective on life, business, sustainable wellbeing and Love with anyone willing to sit still long enough! Having addressed international conferences, I am comfortable to give voice to my values in any setting. Tailoring my talks, I will happily participate in small gatherings of specific interest groups, as a keynote speaker, with community and church groups, or as input to a broader process. My blogs will give an idea of my subject matter, and my approach: humour has kept me vaguely sane, and we remember that which touches us emotionally – I commit to deliver both.

Whether talking about the personal challenges that I have faced, and the Love that I came to experience through these, or addressing a convocation of corporates about values or sustainable wellbeing, I simply share my understanding. Based thoroughly in my experiences, both personal and professional, the talks are pragmatic and practical, challenging and controversial. Mine is not the only worldview, but – like all others – it is unique. These talks are pro bono where necessary.

To read more about me, see the pages below.

Professional Profile

Personal Profile

Please feel free to contact me via the submission below, or see the Contacts section.


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