Professional Profile

I have worked in and with (primarily but not exclusively) the mining sector for 27 years as an environmental scientist and sustainable development practitioner. I have worked at operational level, and has represented the industry at policy liaison and negotiating forums, such as SADC and the United Nations.

I was the global Sustainable Development Operations Manager for Anglo American plc. I was the Chairman of the Sustainable Development Forum of the Institute of Directors Southern Africa for two years, with whom I was also a Council member. I served on two task teams of the King III Code for Corporate Governance revision process. I was a member of Council of the Fossil Fuel Foundation, and am the facilitator of the Mentoring Circles with the Institute of Directors in South Africa (IoDSA).

My purpose is to facilitate the deliberate creation of a fundamentally different future. Now an independent consultant, lecturer and facilitator, my focus is on the link between self-awareness and sustainable wellbeing at individual, corporate and societal levels. Applying technical and personal development skills, I work with values-based complex decision-making for sustainable outcomes; strategy and scenario facilitation; drivers of sustainable wellbeing; and the role of values-based leadership and communication in achieving this. Operationalising sustainability though governance processes is also a key focus.

I co-created a lowest-bias stakeholder engagement tool, and an approach that facilitates integrated decision-making. I lecture part-time on MBA, Masters and Executive Education programmes on issues of ethics, sustainability, governance, communication, emotional and spiritual intelligence, risk, systems thinking, and leadership. I serve as programme director for a number of Executive Education offerings. I am a COMENSA Credentialised Practitioner. I have over 21 popular and academic publications relating to values, sustainable development and ethics, and am a PhD candidate.

I do pro bono work for select causes, enjoy photography and painting, am a climber, I write and have been a Therapy Dog handler. My favourite place is in wild nature; my biggest blessing (and occasionally curse) is my sense of humour.

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