Ethics Coaching & Sustainability Consulting


With experience in operational and corporate environments, consulting, facilitation, project management, research and leadership, the focus of my work is Ethics Coaching and Sustainability Consulting – the two are inextricably linked. Decision-making in business is seldom black and white, right or wrong. Choosing between multiple rights, and multiple wrongs, for multiple stakeholders is often the more realistic picture. Sometimes, choosing right over wrong places people in precarious ‘career limiting’ positions: ethics coaching assists to define tolerable and intolerable risk to both individuals and organisations. We always have a choice – it’s the consequences of the choice that make the decision difficult. I support particularly the C-Suite in these decisions. Once-off conversations are not charged: extended interactions are crucial to long-term success.


Business decisions can have unsustainable consequences. I also offer systemic assessments of the organisation’s approach to and effectiveness of their sustainability leadership and management in the organisation. These assessments are intended to help shift organisational thinking about sustainability so that all governance processes – from strategy, through planning, to execution and results – become aligned with sustainability principles as a practicing norm. As part of an organisation’s risk management approach, I support the identification of leading indicators of sustainability, and provide communication training to support an ethical and sustainable culture. My primary success measure is when an organisation no longer needs my services.

I offer the option of Integrity Invoicing – you can pay me only what you think the interactions were worth.