Purpose & Philosophy

Deliberate holds the mystery of awareness, consciousness, choices, and intentionality. Being cognisant of all that we do, and the ripple effects of our behaviour on our relationships with everything and everyone. It evokes a sense of carefully planned, purposeful, well thought out action imbued with care. To be deliberate is to be astoundingly powerful.

Deliberate (when pronounced “delibe-rate”) is to engage in careful and extended conversations. Sustainable wellbeing remains obscured in language, worldviews, politics, beliefs and fears. What it is, and how it will unfold is entirely unknown until we enter into meaningful dialogue, particularly with others about it. Debating the priorities, understanding other’s perspectives, communicating our own with clarity and conviction, is to deliberate. This is not a short-term, once off coffee chat. The future challenges us to enter into, remain immersed in and lend our voice to the expression of the unfolding reality immediately and always in front of us. A sustainable future invites us to witness the benefits of negotiating our relationships with conscience, expressing our truth with integrity, compassion and mutual acceptance of our utter unknowingness.

To deliberate with ourselves is to consciously question what we feel we should or have to do, feel, think and believe. To live authentically in integrity with what is most important to us in the long-term, we need to actively and consistently interrogate the ‘story of our life’. These stories have largely been sold to us by others – parents, communities, society at large, colleagues, religions – and we have accepted them. Pausing to scrutinise this potential fiction allows us to sift the pages that truly belong to us from those that serve only to mask our spectacular selves.

Futures hints at our total participation in natural systems and interdependence on each other. It suggests that there is more to the future than my future. It suggests that my future is but one of many: many people, many species, and many inanimate forms without which life cannot persist. The intricate interplay of threads that add up to ‘the future’ are indistinguishably inseparable. Aware of this, understanding the weave of my own thread in this gorgeous tapestry of life, is ultimate happiness.

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